Friday, August 10, 2012

Reflections On France

1) The French people are incredibly kind and gracious.

2) French people look just like you and me and have the same daily routines - and as a result of this, you will freak out for the first few days in France because you will think you've woken up in your own town and everybody is suddenly speaking French and going on about their lives as if it's always been this way.

3) The French countryside is like no other place I've ever seen.

4) The French Cote de Fleurie (Northern Riviera) is also incredibly beautiful and like no place I've ever seen - turquoise water and alabaster cliffs.

5) TomTom is your friend - do not even attempt to navigate anywhere in France without a GPS device in your car.

6) Skype is also your friend - iMessage completely crapped out.

7) The iPhone is completely worthless in Europe - because roaming charges are so ludicrous, one must rely on WiFi and the iPhone could not hold a signal to save it's life.

8) Charles de Gaulle is the absolute worst airport to fly out of Internationally - imagine Disneyland on Grad Night - thousands of people everywhere and nobody has any clue as to what's going on.

9) The Airbus A380 is a flying Lincoln Town Car - way pimp, while The Boeing 777 is a flying public transit bus - total rattle trap.

10) Now I know why they are called French Fries - they must be the official food of France because they come with everything.

11) Once you taste cheese from Normandy in country, you will never eat it anywhere else.

12) US credit cards don't work when buying gas - you must have a French credit card or go to a gas station with an actual attendant.

13) 90% of French gas stations are self-serve and have no attendants - so know enough French to negotiate with a kind French citizen to have them buy gas for you with their card if you will pay them back in cash - Euros.

14) Do all architectural photography in the morning before the crowds hit the streets and do your landscape photography in the evening when you have the roads to yourself.

15) Being able to shoot until 10:30 at night during summer is amazing.

16) Know your French wines or you will be served crap.

17) Never dress and act like someone from Dallas or Des Moines - these are Les Americans the French detest - show some class and you will be treated with class.

18) Soak up the history - being able to walk and eat amongst buildings with bullet and artillery wounds from WWII will blow your mind.

19) French Post offices are just as lethargic as ours.

20) Being able to drive everywhere without the eye cancer of outdoor boards is a breath of fresh air.

21) Vist Giverny and you too will want to paint lilly pads and live in a country estate.

22) Know when to say Oui, Mai Oui and Bah Oui.

23) When entering roundabouts - do so at full speed and take charge, NASCAR style.

24) The amount of honking that occurs at a roundabout is directly proportional to the size of the roundabout.

25) If you don't know what Foie Gras is, it's actually not bad.